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Brainstorming session to review the achievements of the game

In the framework of quality initiatives series  launched by the UAE Chess Federation, the President of the Federation Saeid Mohammed bin Murshid Almuqbali hosted in his ranch in Al Khatim the heads and members of boards of the chess club departments of UAE, among the at attendees was the president  of the Asian Chess Federation head of Al Ain Club for Culture and chess Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Sharjah Cultural Club for Chess Sheikh Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Mualla, Ibrahim Mohammed Al Bannai President of the Arab Chess Federation and the president of the Dubai Club for Chess and Culture, Hussein Abdullah El-Khoury Chairman of Abu Dhabi Club for Chess and Culture, Abdullah Al Amiri club president Fujairah Chess, Kareem Hassan Almueayni president of the Girls Club for Chess and Culture in Sharjah, Hisham Ali al-Tahir Secretary-General of the Federation of Asian Chess, Ahmed Khalifa Al Thani Secretary-General of the Arab Federation of Chess, Members of the Council of the UAE Chess Federation Jamal Almadfae the Secretary-General, Hussein Al Shamsi Financial Secretary, Mohammad Sohail Alshsharqi, Fawzia Lutfi and many of those responsible for the sport of chess including the media and a gathering of representatives from the sponsoring companies of the union activities.

It was a refreshing sight away from the formal atmosphere, to the atmosphere of the open desert and it’s simplicity.

During a meeting with the guests, Saeid Muqbali pointed out that innovation and excellence are the permanent logo of the Federation of Chess, stressing that he personally loves constructive initiatives, and thinking outside the box, adding: «this evening is aimed for a family brainstorming session, with stakeholders and the people of expertise, and to consult with them in Affairs and Concerns of the overall development of the game’s issues, in order to serve our beloved country, and works on the consolidation of Chess culture values in the society ».

Muqbali stressed that the priorities of the next phase is to launch a specialized academic project in the game of chess, which is expected to see the light soon, and the project of chess in schools, in addition to the development of the national teams, and the expansion of chess, by increasing the number of clubs, the support of the clubs with limited funds and hosting the world’s largest events, one of them being to host the meetings of the General Assembly of the International Federation of Chess (Vida Congress) in September, which received State hosting after an absence of 29 years.


Dr Rashid bin Kechiche Althahry the General Counsel of the Federation reviewed the UAE achievements in chess, and were in different areas of the game, both in terms of administration, regulatory or technical and including the legal, marketing, media and technical matters, such as the launch of applications on the Android, Apple and Playstation store,  Dr. Rashid pointed  that it was not possible without the concerted efforts and cooperation between the union’s workforce, and the raise in the number of volunteers to more than 50 volunteers, each within their specialization, according to qualifications, to add the UAE Chess Federation in the list of the largest federations of chess in the world, in terms of the number of volunteers, and the most prominent administrative, technical, and organizational accomplishments, in the game of chess, since the beginning of the election cycle (2012 – 2016) under the leadership of Saeid Muqbali and members the Board of Directors, and the highlight of administrative achievements continued retention of the UAE under the chairmanship of AFC in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Arab Union in the Emirate of Dubai, and the accession of many of the children of UAE to the committees of FIDE in technical, arbitration committees, competitions, school chess and anti-Cheating, and the addition of the first Arab and Emirati woman in the media committee, and at the level of technical achievements the UAE has won many medals, in various Arab and Asian competition, and most notably the continuation of the hero Salem Abdul Rahman to claim medals in the different categories, the most prominent  winning the Olympic bronze medalist, achieved in the Asian Tournament for indoor matches.

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