“Dubai” is sweeping the UAE Chess Championship hijacker

Continued Dubai Club for Chess and Culture results outstanding in the competitions of the UAE Chess for 2015 and swept the results of individual Emirates Chess Championship snap, which concluded on Friday evening in the capital Abu Dhabi in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Club for Chess and Culture with the participation of 60 players from different clubs State.
Player of our national team and Club Dubai Engineer Kellouk happy Isaac came in first place with 9 points from 11 rounds and then came in second place the star yield great international Professor Talib Moussa score of 5.8 points and came international veteran Sohail Tayyip champion Emirates in 1993 in third place with 5 0.8 points, dominated the players in Dubai on the three medals in the tournament, and players came to Abu Dhabi Club Sana Faisal Abdullah and Ibrahim Mohammed Khouri in fourth and fifth with 8 points. Thus, Dubai Club adds a new achievement in the beginning of the new year after the end of the year 0.2014 win Dubai title Emirates Championship for the elite women’s class came first achievements in 2015 when the club won the Emirates difference Championship Dynamic Chess Then came the accomplished players of our national team Ibrahim Sultan, who won the gold medal young Arabs under 18 years old and the player safe Naaman winning the gold medal Arabs under 18 years old and the player Ahmad Farid, who won bronze Arabs for juniors under 16 years.
And shine Dubai is the culmination of the efforts of the club’s board, headed by Ibrahim Al Banai, who confirmed in a press statement that these achievements are the “good news” in the new year and he expected more achievements during 2015 and the price of the technical and administrative machine club’s efforts.
Tournament also saw the return of the first player to claim the title of senior Emirati professor, a student Moussa, who will be returning with his brother Osman strike force for our national team in the upcoming benefits.
On the other hand, the girl glittering adequate Darwish Maamari succeeded (11 years old) player Al Ain Club for Culture and chess to win first place in the individual Emirates Chess Championship snap for ladies and following the tie-break system in front of her colleague promise Khalil player Dubai Club after the equal players in the balance 6 points, and was thoroughly Maamari has led the team El Aynaoui to win the Emirates difference Championship dynamic chess with her colleagues after they concluded the 2014 second place in the President’s Cup women’s competition to confirm Ain adequate merit Balttawaij and announce the birth of heroine from unique in the sky chess Emirates model.
And oversaw the Federal Arbitration tournament referee Mansour al-Tamimi and assisted by the referee Faisal Abdul Jalil.


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