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Emirates chess sets rules of chess game

In response to the decision of the Council of the Federation of the UAE Chess Management at its meeting days before the need to adjust the rules of the relationship with the International Federation of the game, the Secretary-General of the Federation Jamal Issa, Cannon directed a strong message to FIDE, stressing the need to comply with administrative rules governing the relationship between the National Union and the International Federation.


Cannon has stressed in his message on the need to show full respect of the Patriotic Union and its members and its decisions, and in his capacity as the Union is responsible for all matters relating to the affairs of the game within the country, and is responsible for all matters relating to foreign participations, and the right of selection and nomination of a state in all of the meetings, tournaments and meetings inside and outside the country .


As the Secretary-General stressed the UAE Chess rules to follow from the beginning of next month with put points on the letters, regarding the rules of cooperation between the Federation of the UAE Chess International Federation of the game, revealing the gun in his letter that the first points that will abide by the International Federation that any activity Htranji will not be held inside UAE, activity or whether local or international championships, only after the approval of the UAE Chess Federation and its participation in the activity, as the party responsible for the game within the state, according to the provisions of the Statute of the Atha ..

He is stressing that it would not allow any player to participate in the world championships and continental and Arab tournaments only after the approval of the UAE for the game, and that are registered to participate through the consortium, and that any judgment UAE will not participate in the arbitration of any global or continental or Arab Championships only with the consent of the Patriotic Union, Date and be through the consortium.

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