To become a chess game and one of the most popular games and an investigation of the achievements in the United Arab Emirates


We seek to improve the clubs through the rehabilitation of sports cadres and competencies and the dissemination of the game between the members of the community and to achieve self-financing in order to achieve sporting achievements of the UAE Sport


Credibility: matching the verb to say and commitment to the promises made.
Integrity and honesty: We’ll keep our integrity, honesty and charters and covenants among member
Professionalism: Dealing with things with precision and skill
Estimate Achievements: We appreciate the achievements and recognize them, whether at the technical level or administrative.
Effective communication: I believe that effective communication with the public and private sectors is vital to accomplish our goals.

Strategic Goals

The deployment of a chess game between members of the community and the adoption of talented
The development of the game of chess to achieve tournaments and achievements
Development of financial resources to achieve self-financing
The development of administrative systems and administrative processes automatization
Building strategic partnerships
Strengthen national identity and a culture of social responsibility among EU members