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Muqbali UAE first Arab heads of this office at the level of sport smart

UAE sports have made new administrative achievement elect member of the National Olympic Committee, President of the UAE Chess Federation, Said Mohamed Muqbali, head of the Strategic Development Committee of the International Federation of Chess “Veda”.
Muqbali is the first Arab and Emirati preside over this high office at the level of sport smart after successes at the local level and reflected on all Chess levels in light of the support that is found by the youth and sports sector by driving Arashidh.ookd happy Muqbali after his extradition certificate took the new international post Chairman of the International Federation of the Russian Chess Cristian Aaleomganov the consent of the majority of the member states of the Executive Office of the chosen for this international post would not have been possible without the ongoing support that you get from the leadership that took over this sector all the attention and care of the UAE sports.

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